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e have worked very hard to get to this point, and we're going out with a bang. The Illustration & Graphic Design Show is our final chance to show our diverse body of work as a class. After this we will all be going on our separate ways. We are Winthrop University's Visual Communication graduating class. We are made up of 3 illustrators—Geoffrey Buell, Pam Fairchok, and Vanessa J. Thompson—and 4 designers—Ellen Dykes, Brandon W. Oxendine, Chris Richter, and Samir Zahran. Each of us have unique visions for visual communication that we aren't afraid to express. This show is a chance for us to showcase the results of our four (or more) years of study at Winthrop University. Partially, this event is about landing a job; but more importantly it is a celebration of our hard work and a chance to show off. So, come, eat, drink, chat, listen, look, experience, hire, congratulate. This may be the final time we are all in a room together.