Samir Zahran


Front End Web Design & Interactive Campaigns



Samir Zahran lives in Rock Hill, SC with his three roommates: Geoff, Creech and Misfit the cat. From an early age he had an interest in art and technology (although the latter mostly materialized as a passion for video games). It was in middle school when the two interests fused together in a glorious spark of genius: He began recreating Pokémon Trading Card artwork in MS Paint. A graphic designer was born! Randomly (and luckily) he stumbled into Danita Swaney's graphic arts class in high school where he learned the ins and outs of Adobe software, which prompted his parents to buy him his first laptop, an iBook G4. That was the end of his life: From then on he was a design dork. Since college he has gained a love for web design (he coded this very site!) and interactive campaigns such as the ones by 42 Entertainment.



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